The Fables of our Life

3602fe011937de3c1f3e9d2adad6d561I want to take this time to encourage YOU. Perhaps you find yourself in the midst of impossible odds or just another bad day of another bad week. Sweet friend, can I just extend my hand to you in this moment and let you know that you are not alone. There is always something more.

I’ve been there. I’ve been in that sad and lonely place where you seriously just wish for Heaven to come already because you feel so overwhelmed with all your responsibilities and past failures. You hold in your heart dreams and wishes, but they seem like a child’s fable in your harsh reality.

Let me tell you something.

There is something to the fables of our life.

They hint at what you are made for. That ache in your heart for love, purpose, adventure, rest…it’s all what you are meant to experience. Those dreams and desires you hold in your heart are meant to come true. I don’t buy into the idea that “happily ever after” is only a storybook ending.

I took my eyes off Hope for a little while and the enemy stepped right in. I felt all my dreams and desires become foolish nothings of a silly girl stuck in her childhood. But I was reminded that it is the children who find the Kingdom. The children are the ones we should look up to with their innocent, reckless love, trust, and faith. I don’t have to grow up. I can keep the hope in my soul for the better things of this world and the next.

One of my youth girls said something that struck me,

“God’s love is fantasy.”

I laugh because she is so right.

What do you think?

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