Into Your Story

I realize I am a day late, but no matter. Christmas is still all around. : )
Yesterday morning as I woke up to the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls and Christmas songs, I paused for a moment before stepping out of bed. How could the King of the Universe humble himself to be a helpless baby? A baby that relied upon a young girl to care and provide for him? God Almighty in the form of a tiny baby.

My mind cannot understand this. THE GOD. The One who was and always has been and always will be. The One who thought of all the animals, trees, plants, seasons, insects, weather, people….everything! The One with all knowledge, all power, all ability! This same God, this One who is beyond time, beyond measure, beyond everything I could even attempt to grasp at within my mind…HE became a baby.


To know you.

I once heard it put this way. What is the only way Shakespeare could have met his characters? To meet Hamlet for instance? The only way he could have met his characters was if he wrote himself into their story.

You see, this is what God did on that day, when he became a tiny newborn.

He wrote himself into our story.

He is not some far off god, a watchmaker who steps back and lets nature run its course. He is intimately acquainted with your everyday, with your cares, your concerns, your dreams, your hopes. All of it. Because the whole reason he came down to this earth was to be a part of your story and weave it into His greater story.

The God of all lowered himself to our level, and even then He went to the lowest of levels. He did not set himself inside a castle wall full of fine linens and luxuries. No, he put himself in the food trough of a few cows and sheep. He had no earthly trumpets sound, no earthly hosts to shout of his coming. Instead, he chose a few insignificant shepherds, unknown and forgotten to the world to be the ones who welcomed him into this world.

Can  you imagine? Can you believe what it must have been like to be one of those shepherds there on that night? Yawning with sleepiness, wishing perhaps they could be resting on a soft bed with a warm fire? But it all changed that night, when the Heaven’s opened up and a Savior wrote himself into the stories of those shepherds.

I wonder how it changed their lives. I wonder if they realized that they had been chosen to welcome the King of Kings, to see Word become flesh.

The night that Jesus was born was the greatest act of humility of all eternity, for on that night the Greatest put himself in the place of the least. He became a poor, weak, helpless, easily overlooked baby. Yet, on that night He also became the Hope of the World. The Light to all man’s darkness.

Will you let Him be a part of your story? Will you receive Him into your life? He did not come to this world to show his power, to show his beauty, or even his ability. He came into this world to show you His love.

He loves you sweet child. He loves you beyond your comprehension. You are what He wants. He doesn’t care about fame, wealth, status, luxuries, or anything else in the world. All He wants in this world is to have you back. For on that day, thousands of years ago, when Adam and Eve gave in to temptation, you were ripped from the arms of the Almighty. From that very moment, He began the journey to get you back. And He has journeyed all the way from His throne to come for you.

The King of Kings said, “I must have my child.” He stepped down from that throne and wrote himself into your story. He came for you, but He will not force you to come with Him. You must choose.

When you realize all that God has done to get you back, it is the most humbling realization of your life. Why would He care about me? Why would He put himself through all the trouble of being a baby, growing up with ignorant people, being ridiculed and blasphemed, being killed, even, at the hands of evil men? Why?

Because He loves you. He loves you with a love that you cannot understand, a love not of this world.

He did it all to give you a gift you might not even take. He took a chance on you. Will you take a chance on Him?

What do you think?

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