Your Heart

Written a year ago in my old journal. Inspired by Bethel’s song “Closer.”

Your love has ravished my heart, and taken me over.
And all i want is to be with You forever.
So pull me a little closer God, take me a little deeper.
i want to know Your heart.
Your love is so much sweeter than anything i have ever tasted.
i want to know your heart oh God.

You alone are all i long for, all i care to know.
i want to feel you close, so close.
i want to feel your breathe upon my face,
i want to feel the fire burning in your heart.
i want to know You.

i want to see the eyes that looked upon a prostitute with grace,
that saw the first light shine in the sky,
that sees the forgotten,
that looked upon death as hope,
that saw beauty in the ashes,
that sees my inmost being and yet still loves me.

i want to see the feet that carried the Redeemer of all creation,
the feet that willingly stepped into a world of sin,
the feet that made ground holy,
the feet that were washed by a condemned woman,
the feet that were nailed to a tree,
the feet that walked the road of Calvary.

i want to see the hands that knit me together in my mother’s womb,
the hands that washed the sinner’s feet,
the hands that measure east to west,
the hands that hold the universe,
the hands that blessed the fatherless,
the hands that touched the untouchable,
the hands that showed the way,
the hands that calmed the storm,
the hands that were worn and weathered,
the hands that were pierced for my redemption.

i want to see the side that was speared for my transgressions,
the brow that carried a crown of thorns,
the lips that sang forgiveness over murders,
the face of glory.

Yes Lord, let me see those eyes, those feet, those hands, that side, that brow, those lips, that face.
Let me see your glory.
Let me see your face.

Pull me closer. Take me a little deeper. I want to know your heart.
Because your love is so much sweeter than anything I’ve ever tasted.

How great Your love is for me. How great is Your love.
You could love me more in a moment, than other lovers could in a lifetime.

What do you think?

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