Onto the New

First week at my new place. It is more serene and calm then I ever imagined and seems to beckon my thoughts.

This season intimidates me. So much change. So many goodbyes with the move. It all makes me realize how easily my loyal heart attaches itself to others. However, beyond all the changes, I am so excited to spend such sweet silence with the Lord.

Why is it that our souls can find so much comfort in others and in the world that we forget the true Source of it all? I am guilty of this. I have realized with this move how much I really let others take the place of the Lord. I relied upon them to fill the voids and let God watch me from afar with casual conversations through out the day, but I have not been very intentional with Him for these past months.

I knew the move would be a change, but I also knew that if I didn’t make it, I would remain stagnate. I felt the Lord set the pieces up so perfectly, paving the road right before me. Doubts overtook me the first few nights, but He is not the God of doubt. He is faithful and watchful of my every step. I knew this was His will, and I am only beginning to appreciate His leading. Already, I have felt my soul breathe again. It’s as though taking the step away from the noise opened my eyes to see the fact that stillness and silence is something we were always meant to have.

I love the example Christ set for us in Luke 5:16, “But He often withdrew himself into the wilderness and prayed.”

Our sweet Savior knew the glory of being in stillness with the Lord. Luke 6:12 describes him going out “to a mountainside to pray” and then he “spent the night praying to God.”

What sweetness, what intimacy, what beauty. I long for a relationship like that. I long for a soul that finds ease in loneliness and silence for in that silence and wilderness I feel the strength of my God.

I want ears that hear the whispers of the Spirit. I want a soul that feels the breath of God. I want lips that drip with His blessed Word. I want a heart that is one with His.

He is so beautiful, so gracious, so intimately acquainted with our simple souls. He is holy. He is so far beyond our comprehension, yet he longs to be known by our small minds. Do we grasp His grace? His love? His kindness?

I pray that in these coming months my soul grows in closeness with Him. He has removed me from the business, and placed me in deep stillness. I pray that this time honors Him and produces ripe fruit within my barren soul. I have faith in Him. I have hope in Him.

If you, sweet simple soul, do not have hope may this encourage you.

“Look among the nations and see: wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if I told you.” Habbakuk 1:5

What do you think?

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