A King’s Feast

Happy New Year friend!

I have set before me some goals that I pray bring me into deeper relationship with my Savior for this coming year. One of these goals is to saturate my mind with daily readings from Scripture and life-giving wisdom by believers of the past. Today I started Your Available Power by  spiritual father Charles Spurgeon; in it I found the most wondrous parable. I’d like to share it with you as we enter our new year.

“Have you ever heard of the king who made a series of great feasts and invited many, week after week? He had a number of servants who were appointed to wait at his table, and these went out on the appointed days and spoke with the people. But, somehow, after a while the bulk of the people did not come to the feasts. They came in decreasing number, but the great mass of the citizens turned their backs on the banquets.

The king made inquiry. He found that the food provided did not seem to satisfy the men who came to the banquets, and so they came no more. He determined to examine the tables and the food himself. He saw much finery and many pieces on display that never came out of his storehouses. He looked at the food, and he said, ‘But how can this be? These dishes, how did they get here? I did not provide these. My oxen and my fatlings were killed, yet we do not have here the flesh of fed beasts but hard meat from cattle lean and starved. Bones are here, but where is the far and the marrow? The bread also is coarse, whereas mine was made of the finest of the wheat. The wine is mixed with water, and the water is not from a pure well.’

One of those who stood by answered and said, ‘O king, we thought that the people would be tired of marrow and fatness, and so we gave them bone and gristle to try their teeth on. We thought also that they would be weary of the best white bread, and so we baked a little at our own homes, in which the bran and husks were allowed to remain. It is the opinion of the learned that our provision is more suitable for these times than that which your majesty prescribed so long ago. As for the wines, men do not like them these days; and a liquid so transparent as pure water is too light a drink for men who are used to drinking of the river of Egypt, which has a taste of mud in it from the Mountains of the Moon.’ Then the king knew why the people did not come to the feast.

Going to the house of God has become distasteful to a great many of the population. Does the reason lie in this direction? I believe it does. Have our Lord’s servants been chopping up their own odds and ends and tainted bits to make with them a stew for the millions, and do the millions therefore turn away? Listen to the rest of my parable.

‘Clear the tables!’ cried the king in indignation. ‘Cast that rubbish to the dogs. Bring in the sirloins of beef; set forth my royal provisions. Remove those whatnots from the hall and that adulterated bread from the table, and cast out the water of the muddy river.’

They did so; and if my parable is right, very soon there was a rumor throughout the streets that truly royal dainties were to be had. The people thronged the palace, and the king’s name became exceeding great throughout the land. Let us try the plan. Maybe we will soon rejoice to see our Master’s banquet furnished with guests.”

What a beautiful word. The Lord’s Word is what we need. He Word is rich and satisfying. I pray that that is what we seek after this new year. Let us go directly to the table of the Lord and no other’s. He is so good.

What do you think?

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