Desert River

Sometimes all feels lost in the metaphorical desert of life. Sometimes we get lost in the confusion and the chaos of our mind and emotions. No direction. No guide. No map of how to navigate the treacherous unknown. But take heart, for surely soon you will come to the Desert River and find what you’ve been looking for all along. You’ll find Him.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

There, there He stands. In the midst of a mighty river. His face is kind and beckons me. He is eager for me.

I have come, come through miles and miles of a barren wasteland. My body can barely move. All muscles burn with pain, my stomach a twisted knot stabbing with hunger, my mouth as dry as the desert that surrounds me. My tears have long run dry; my soul cries within me, for my body is nothing but a worn dry case to what used to be a life.

But as I stumble in the direction of where Life is supposed to be, I hear a sound I have not heard for months, years. A soft rush, a steady hum. My feet are cracked and numb, but I force them to keep forward.

There, there it is, the rush, the hum. I begin to cry though no tears come, I cry from deep within, a place where I had hidden all hope, afraid it would fail to be true.

As I near the water, there, I see Him. His eyes caught me before mine him. His eyes do not leave mine. His arms stretch out and oh! I cannot get to them fast enough.

Crying harder without tears, I begin to somehow run. I finally get to the water’s edge, but I have no thought of the water; I want Him.

The water is cool and my skin feels the silk wash away all the pain and filth. My eyes still on Him, His still on me, I push through the heavy current. My legs burn, my heart and lungs sting but to Him I continue on. Desperate. Desperate. Desperate. I must get to Him. I must have Him. All I want. All I need. All I long for. All I desire. All I choose. I want Him.

The river deepens, and my soul now burns with desperation. Deeper and deeper. My foot slips and almost under I go, but forward I press, catching my footing, deeper still.

Then, suddenly, I lose both footings. ‘No! Please no! I’m so close!’

Just as my face is about to go under, a mighty strong hand grabs hold of my weak, thin arm. I look up as water splashes over my face; He came to me.

He pulls me up. He is not afraid; He is not anxious. He pulls me up and we embrace as I throw myself into His arms. He does not mind at all. He holds me there in the strong river.

All my fears, all my sorrows, all my depression, all my worries, all of it fades as He washes over me. His love washes over me.

His arms, His strength, His steadiness, His hold on me. His comfort, His neck, His strong shoulders, His smell. All of it, it is better than I’d hoped.

It is real.

“And as they went, Jesus met them and greeted them. And they ran to him, grasped his feet, and worshiped him.” Matthew 28:9


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