The Name

The name Feathers for Arrows originally comes from the title Charles Spurgeon gave to his journal. As one whom has been greatly influenced by the life and words of Spurgeon, I was fascinated by this title, and so I researched the purpose of feathers on arrows. What I found encouraged me greatly, and as one who has an inordinate love for allegories and metaphors, I was delighted.

The feathers on arrows provide stability to the actual arrow as it flies through the air to its target. The feathers create just enough drag to keep the arrow straight or prevent it from tumbling through the air. The Lord showed me how this is a perfect analogy to how His truth stabilizes us as we fly through this journey of life towards our target.

Everyone in life has a target. The targets can range from things of the world to things outside of man’s understanding or reason. Our target determines what we choose as our feathers of support. But I’ve come to see that the only feathers that last, that truly get us where we are hoping to get are feathers of truth. Truth alone is stabilizing. But then that leads us to a question, one the historical figure, Pontius Pilate himself wrestled with.

What is truth?

In a world that vainly grasps at vapors and counterfeit truths…we can find a very simple answer in the book of the Bible, John. A solid answer. One we can firmly grasp with our hearts and hands. In John 14:6, we find it.

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.'”

Truth is Jesus.

It is my heart’s desire to share the lessons the Lord patiently teaches me, in order that as Paul encourages us in Titus 2, I might share what is good and encourage my brothers and sisters to continue in pursuit of truth, and by way of truth find life in Christ. I pray we may all find freedom from the torments of guilt, shame, burdens, and find in their place joy, hope, and abundant, unconditional, unending, loyal love.

I pray the words I write here may serve as the metaphorical feathers of truth that help to stabilize your heart and mind as you walk this difficult but beautiful journey.

Version 2

The Author

My name is Sophia, and I’m proud to make my home in the glorious state of Texas. Though an elementary teacher by trade, I am now pursuing my master’s degree in counseling.  I have a deep love for words; whether it be reading them, writing them, hearing them, they intrigue me in their power to bring life or destroy it. I enjoy being outdoors, especially when it involves a good hike. And I love puzzles, ones made of printed cardboard or the ones of people’s lives.

I hope one day to be able to look back on my life and see that the gifts that were given to me were not wasted. Life is full of choices, and I’ve found that the small power we do have is found in our choice. In the end, all that counts is choosing Him.


i am..With Him

“I am a fallen child, picked up by a gracious Father.

Without my God, I am nothing, a disappearing mist.

But with Him, I am an eternal splendor nestled within His heart.”


  1. Full of wisdom and truths. Eloquently yet simply stated. Excellent short read
    Highly recommend.

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